Monday, March 21, 2005

Foothill College Contemporary Big Band

This is not your father's community college jazz band!

John Gove directs the Foothill Community College Jazz Ensemble and for years has attracted some of the best musicians of the bay area who challenge themselves on their night off to play charts by contemporary composers such as Maria Schneider and Dave Holland. I am always amazed at these concerts.

Experience this unique and free performance Tuesday, March 22 at Foothill College in Appreciation Hall starting with the Afternoon Ensemble at 7:30pm followed by the Evening Ensemble about 8:30pm.

The afternoon band performs:

Little Pixie - Thad Jones
American Express - Bob Brookmeyer
Upswing - Dave Holland
Mean To Me - Fred Ahlert and Roy Turk
Main Stem - Duke Ellington

The evening band performs:

Infant Eyes - Wayne Shorter, arrangement by Tim Price
Guarabe - Clare Fisher
Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue - Duke Ellington
Secret Love - Vince Mendoza
The Song We Sing - Bennett Friedman


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