Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Ceremonial Bugle...

With all due respect for our veterans, I present the Ceremonial Bugle.

"With the bugler shortage in mind, Congress passed a law that took effect in January 2000 and allows a recorded version of Taps using audio equipment if a live horn player is not available. Molino said the push-button bugle is a 'dignified alternative' to prerecorded taps played on a stereo or compact disc player."

How it works with a short video. "The device, slides snugly deep into the bugle's bell. The device plays a high-quality recorded version of “Taps,” taken from the 1999 Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery. The resonating tones inside the bugle create a realistic horn quality."

This model only plays taps but think of the programing possiblities.


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