Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Terence Blanchard this Sunday!

Terence Blanchard, photo credit: Carol Friedman Terence Blanchard - This Sunday - Herbst Theatre - San Francisco. I can not emphasize how good this concert will be after seeing this show back in March and writing about it here. Now, Herbst Theatre is not an intimate place for jazz, so bring your opera glasses but this band is not to be missed. Terence is phenomenal, casual and funny and he showcases his band big time - Brice Winston on sax, crisp and original; Aaron Parks on the electronically modified grand piano, introspective and melodic; Derrick Hodge on bass, solid and experienced beyond his years; Kendrick Scott on drums did not play the gig I attended; and Lionel Loueke played extraordinary percussive style guitar and vocals, unlike anything I have heard before. Part of the San Francisco Jazz Festival.


Blogger Joe M said...

Please post a concert review when you have a chance. I have a friend who has "obtained" an advance copy of Terence's next record "Flow" (produced by Herbie Hancock) and he says it's not that good, or not as good as he was hoping.

3:35 PM, May 05, 2005  
Blogger Stuart said...

With all my hype, I am not actually going to this show. I just saw them 6 weeks ago in a much more intimate setting for a much reduced price. I expect the show will be basically the same although the one I saw had some Spike Lee soundtrack aspects added to it. Also, keep in mind that anything I say here is my opinion only and highly subjective, especially when I am in these excitable states.

I do know that I was most impressed with the musicianship, the attitude, the performance, the originality of the songs and Terence's willingness to promote and showcase each person in the group. The music was very complex yet tight as a drum.

Also, it would not be the first time that I was impressed at a concert and disappointed in a CD I bought the next day.

Thanks for the comment Joe.

5:11 PM, May 05, 2005  

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