Monday, September 12, 2005

Katrina: Queen Sized Clothing Relief

Found this on the WWOZ site:

Oversize women's clothes:

Hello. I am a community radio DJ, artist, and New Orleans friend in Astoria, OR. I have been collecting NICE plus sized women's clothing for the larger ladies who have lost their stuff. I have LOTS...all clean and ready to wear. I can supply some show clothes, if a musician or singer or someone needs them. I can send packages directly. What I really need is a connection in your area to help me distribute these items to the women who need them. The clothes range from nice show clothes to summer-wear for those in the shelters.

Please help me find a contact...I can ship or truck them down once things level off.I also could help out a musician, animals, or foster a kid. Please let me know how I can help and please find a contact for my wonderful Queen Sized Clothing.


Calamity Jane

Queen Sized Relief.....


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