Sunday, February 13, 2005

Mardi Gras party

I'm still laughing from last night's birthday/mardi gras/white elephant party. Some of you left your gifts here! I hope you at least took some gumbo. You would think I would be used to these parties by now and not get so embarrassed and everything was going fine until I fired up the Exotic Tiki with Hooter Horn video on our home theater that Andy stole and locked down. Nice one Andy. I ran off to make coffee and play bass like the coward I am.

Thanks to Susan for the face painting. She seemed to have as much fun as the paintees. I will post a picture of the faces when I can get them from the Worleys.

Thanks to everyone for coming. Cool guitar Michael. Happy birthday Lori and thanks for the gumbo. More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I ran off and played too. Still haven't watched it.

9:25 PM, February 22, 2005  

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