Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina: CLASSES OFFERED AT THE U OF Memphis for Katrina victims

Found this on the International Association for Jazz Education forum board for Hurricane Assistance:

To all,

The president of the University of Memphis announced earlier this week college students who could not attend classes due Hurricane Katrina damage could enroll at the University of Memphis and can get the equal classes to their own curriculum. Please look at (the home page), the following message is posted there.

University of Memphis AdmissionsIn light of the uncertainty surrounding re-habitation of the areas in the Gulf Coast, the University of Memphis will immediately accept students who are currently enrolled in accredited colleges and universities located in that region. Students who have not paid tuition at their home institution will be accepted at the in-state rate. Students whose tuition expenses have been paid to their home institutions will not be required to made additional payments. The University of Memphis is not requiring transcripts nor test scores until such documents are available.

The University is delighted to provide this service in a time of need. University officials welcome inquiries from any displaced students of the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

For further information, please contact Gloria Moore in the Office of Admissions at 901/678-2111 or 800/669-2678.


Dr. Jack T. Cooper
Director of Jazz Studies
The University of Memphis


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