Saturday, October 15, 2005

John Shifflett's fan mail

I was just checking out John Shifflett's barebones website and I found this funny as hell fanmail. I'll have to skip the spell checker this time. Nelson, if you happen to read this, do have have more letters out there?

Coincidently, I just received the following message in this morning's email. Unusual, to say the least - we certainly seem to attract an eclectic audience! He didn't leave his mailing address, so looks like we've lost a big sale. I'll try an email reply, but it appears to be via a Radio Shack store in North Carolina, so don't hold your
breath... JS

-------- Forwarded Message --------

Hello Mr. Shifflett hower you doing. Me an my dog was lisening to the radio yestiday and the most funny sounding song come on. Now that dog dint howl like he normaly duz when I put my records on so I figgered his ears was confewzd. But then my old lady comes in and sez lookithat animule's keeping time with his tail. Blest if I know how he herd the beat cuz I sure cudnot but there you are. So then the radio man sez you are playing the bass and I herd some of them licks you let off and I figger you got a nice Nashville bass with 4 strings cuz I play me a 1 string gutbukit with Pete And The Big Pickers on frydays over in Ridgetown. And I dont bleeve nobody can play that many notes on a gutbukit. So anyways I had this fella at radioshak find out about you on his computr with his ww progam and you all seem like nice boys and my old lady sez to send 17 records COD cuz shes got some long hares on her side what she wants to givem fer Crismus.

Yor musicul comrad

Nelson H. Littleton

ps Pete dont have no record but if you make a fonecall to Billys Inn in Ridgetown any fryday nite tell old Billy to hold the fone up in the air for a wile and Im the one on the gutbukit and singing the slow songs.

-------- End Forwarded Message --------


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