Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pumpkin Festival

The Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival is on this weekend. It is our little piece of Americana. The prize winning pumpkin at Monday's weigh off totaled 1229 pounds. The festival brings lots of music to town, very little of it jazz ( the Emerson Growiser Band is your best bet) and mostly classic rock and country. I can hear the bands from my house, 2 miles from downtown. You will find several stages and small groups on every corner and in between. That pan flute band, the steel drum people and that guy that plays the stick guitar are always there along with some local kids that play some mean blues. It also brings lots of crafts and people (100,000) and traffic. The trick is to come early and leave early if you don't want to sit in your car all day. Web site is here. See you there.


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