Friday, January 13, 2006

Primary Colors in the Mercury News and at BOAS

Today's Mercury News has an article/interview about/with the Bay Area jazz duo Primary Colors, Vocalist Nate Pruitt and guitarist Rick Vandivier. Here is an excerpt. (Photography from their CD cover by Mark Howell and Nader Shakernia)

Jazz combo stays flexible
By Andrew Gilbert
Special to the Mercury News
The best jazz happens through an elaborate process of trial and error in which musicians explore various concepts while searching for an ideal blend of personalities and sounds. That was how guitarist Rick Vandivier and vocalist Nate Pruitt came to create Primary Colors, a flexible jazz combo that performs Saturday at BoAs Club Elite.

"We kind of experimented with different instrumentation, with two guitars or guitar and bass, or full rhythm section,'' Vandivier says. "Not only did we find that most of those things worked; we liked the variety.''

Primary Colors performs Saturday, January 14 at BoAs in Cupertino and March 5 at the Improv in San Jose for the San Jose Jazz Society's Sunday Series.

Mercury News Article
Primary Colors web site
BoAs Restaurant
San Jose Jazz Society


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