Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Chabot Panhandlers concert

Well, I saw a most amazing concert on Sunday. The CSM Jazz band hosted the Chabot Panhandlers in their Spring concert. With all of the steel drums and various percussion instruments, they took up the entire stage. Before this show, the only steel drum performance I had ever seen in person is the small group that performs and sells their CD's at local Arts and Crafts fairs. This was so much more.

The dynamics and the tightness of the performance only comes from a dedicated group who practices hard and has a love for the music. My friend Christine, who is studying the instrument, gives a lot of the credit to the director Jim Munzenrider.

Top level arrangements for this unique orchestra along with drummer Curt Moore sitting in on the cuica, that little squeaky drum thing and the CSM Jazz band director (I am embarrassed to say that I have forgotten his name), Mike Galisetus on flugel horn playing One Note Samba, rounded out the show. I am glad to have seen this concert. Poor timing on my part prevented me from staying for the late Jazz band show.


Blogger John Worley said...

The CSM band director is Mike Galisetus and he is one hella good tpt player. Rich Welker, Mike and I will be guest soloists with Mike's Symphonic band at Aragon High School this coming Thursday evening at 7:30pm. We''l be playing the old chestnut, "Bugler's Holiday". Should be a hoot

1:05 PM, May 17, 2005  

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