Thursday, March 30, 2006

Inside Home Recording

I recently stumbled across the "Inside Home Recording" podcast which explores the world of recording music in your home. The program features James Devon and Paul Garay, two experienced recording musicians who speak casually yet very intelligently about hardware and software used by home recordists.

They dedicate segments to topics such as microphones, I/O devices, ear training, virtual pianos, interviews, reviews, recording techniques and they read and answer email questions. They explain terms without speaking down to their listeners or sacrificing details for commercial or time restraints.

They just began the show in October of last year and have about a dozen podcasts available with 20 to 25 planned for this year, truly a labor of love. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone building any level of home studio, which is very timely for me. I wish I knew more of their background which is something they might want to add to their blog.

You can subscribe and download the programs for free from their website or find them in the podcast section of the ITunes Music store, again, for free. Unbelievable. Thank you guys. Your work is greatly appreciated

Inside Home Recording web site


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