Friday, May 20, 2005

And One Time, at Band Camp...

Summer brings a wealth of music education to the bay area in the form of jazz camps for all ages. You talk, learn, eat and play jazz from morning till night, get up the next day and do it again. It is also a great exposure to other musicians.

Probably the best know is the Stanford Jazz Workshop on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto. This year includes 4 programs; 2 weeks of Jazz Camp for ages 12 - 17, July 17 - 22 and July 24 - 29; Jazz Residency for adults, July 31 - August 5; Weekend Intensive for all adults and advanced under 18, August 4 - 6; Evening Summer, ages 12 - adult, June 15 - July 13.

There are also associated concerts through out the summer. I've been there, it's a great experience.

I love this one. Reggae Camp at the JazzSchool in Berkeley. The Music and Life of Bob Marley With Matt Jenson June 6 - 10 "In this unique one-week hands-on intensive, Berklee College of Music Piano Faculty member Matt Jenson takes an 15-18 piece ensemble of both instrumentalists and vocalists on a biographical tour of Marley's fascinating life, and then rigorously coaches them in preparation for a concert at the Jazzschool on Friday evening, June 10."

The JazzSchool also has the JazzSchool Summer Youth Program 2005. "Instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels entering grades 6-9 are welcome. The Summer Youth Program runs July 11-22 (Monday through Friday) from 9:30AM-3PM."

In it's tenth year, the San Jose Jazz Society sponsers Jazz Goes To College, for instrumentalists and vocalists ages 12 - 18. It is a 2 week session from June 20 - July 1.

Running June 25 - July 2, "Jazz Camp West is an eight-day jazz camp for instrumentalists, vocalists, drummers and dancers held in the beautiful redwoods of La Honda in Northern California."


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